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tv   Headline News  RT  December 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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from. ukraine with its largest protests in almost a decade its report of the parliament building in kiev is. after a mass protest turned violent over the weekend. and russia's president putin says the ukrainian opposition is able to control the protests which has now become a breeding ground for extremism plus. the gavel here the founding of the left party hoping to question this party will give a voice to those who feel. by the current government british leftists return to the grass roots in a challenge to what they call a rotten establishment that has sold out from the country's working class ideals. and a first world problem mass addiction to a single drug is being blamed for a nationwide shortage of drinking water our top stories.
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live from a studio central moscow where nine pm this is international ukraine's prime minister says the situation in the capital is now completely out of control and has accused opposition politicians of radicalizing protesters the crowds in kiev a swelling again following violence last night. joins me live now from there is it looking as if kiev is in for another restless night. well it certainly seems so. to me to a fraction of people what we saw yesterday right now in essential square yesterday was about two hundred thousand people at at the very least even though some estimations reach up to a million people even though it's seems to be exaggeration but still it's pretty sad tense here with people barricading themselves in the city center area and
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willing to go anywhere unless their government and their president step down also the latest statements by the prime minister there adding more fuel to the fire statements that the fact that the protesters have overtaken some governmental buildings is a clear sign of a coup d'etat and he also said that don't think that we don't have the means to take to restore peace in the streets of kiev it will take us ten minutes to get the access to the government building again end of quote he also said at the same time that he the government was ready to sit at the same table with the opposition to work out a plan and he guarantee that peaceful protesters would not be harmed from the other side of the political landscape of ukraine from the opposition the statements are also quite worrying the one of the opposition leaders said that he is expecting the police to try to retake the city administration building which the protesters captured on sunday and installed the headquarters of the new revolution there i'll
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just do one of the episodes to further the idea that it's pretty tense now the episode that we dissed several hours ago when a fire truck stopped by one of the barricades in central city they were on the way to extinguish a domestic blaze as i left later found out but the protest the store the fire truck will be taking down the barricades they rushed out and hundreds and they were really aggressive in their attempt to protect protect this barricade certainly the hell which broke loose on a sunday it's changed the whole protest dramatically the protests which started essentially about the refusal of the government to sign the euro sociate deal and now even after president obama called it said that he will be meeting. i missed it but also to read a restart the talks on the on the deal between t.f. and brussels this helps a little to pacify this protest also a lot of talk right now is who actually stood behind the violence the unprecedented violence which we saw at the president's office building on sunday let's take
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a look at my report. last week it was all about the willingness to be in europe this time ukrainians are suggesting their president should burn in hell the language of the protest changed dramatically after last friday's dispersal of a peaceful protest. it's still not completely clear who incited the violent attacks on city hall and the president's office some accuse all true right wing supporters others say it was provocative whoever it was the group was prepared and very well organized first and foremost with professionalism all of those who have organized the protests before the protests we have heard about the activity cells as several and buses and n.g.o.s financed and supported by different countries by foreign countries so we see that this is the kind of president exerted by external forces for the ukrainian government for ukraine and i'll forward this to think once again have box. toys which ties this week's geopolitical choice which geo economical
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ties would be right and better for ukraine adding fuel to the debate around who masterminded the clash is the continuous a period so if you were pm politicians and . the vice president of the european parliament a prominent politician somebody waiting and the leader of the polish opposition all made their mark at the rallies. these people on the streets are a great asset to the opposition there are huge argument in the discussions with president g. and covert so now he doesn't want to begin to it was the fact that they are essentially on the ground in kiev cheerleading the. protesters on calling for a revolution in the country this is a tantamount to the regime change that has been called for in german newspapers earlier today this is a most agree just violation of the united nations charter and international law a violation of sovereignty and the non interference of the domestic affairs of
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other states and i think russia cannot take the whole world community cannot take this agree just act like. some in ukraine believe that these protests could go well beyond just words and disturbances on the streets the people in the street very often are not rational because you it's very difficult to control a crowd once you get to one hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand two hundred thousand it takes song really a mind of its own and becomes text it can become extremely violent protesters have firmly barricaded themselves in central kiev saying they would not leave until both the president and the government step down with that scenario being highly unlikely the fate of the country is once again hanging by a thread. the r.t. reporting from keith in ukraine. russia's president putin said he believes ukraine's opposition is no longer able to control the situation and says the e.u. deal is only being used as an excuse to overthrow the leadership. how who is really
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as i see it was going on in kiev has little to do with ukraine's relations with the e.u. it's an internal political process with the opposition destabilising the legitimately elected leadership which moreover what's going on doesn't look like a revolution but a well planned action but i think they were prepared for the presidential elections in spring twenty fifteen or had to start early so we can see well prepared and organized militant groups the opposition is either not always in control of what's going on or is just political shroud for extremist actions legal expert alexander mccurry suspect tamale he says the opposition jumped very quickly from demanding an e.u. trade deal to try to overthrow the government it's quite clear now that what what is being demanded is the overthrow of the government the overthrow of a democratically elected legitimate government and president the president made the decision the government made
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a decision about twelve days ago that they were not going to go ahead with a trade with you for you now therefore he entitle to do that if people don't agree or don't agree with that decision then the right way to deal with that is to campaign it in in an election which is only about fourteen months away for the government to be changed democratically according to the law and the constitution and for the new president whoever he is to then go ahead with this proposal with this agreement what he's looking at now is on a completely different we're looking at a demand for the president and the prime minister and the government to be removed from power by people in the streets. well ukraine has said it needed time to sort out his ever growing foreign debt and work out how to fund a modernization program he have said that this would have helped safeguard jobs before it entered into any deal with the u. but foreign policy analysts from a question of of thinks that the e.u.
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won't let you claim profit from europe's economy. as european union as he shoals and hands of states try to explain the advantage yourself european membership of. the. even if you ukrainian president there would be able to penetrate the european market and there is only one explanation for that there would be none indeed the european market is very protected market and it is actually the ukrainian market that europe needs particularly in the time of an economic crisis so it is ukraine is viewed as an extension of the european market. let's take a look at how the ukrainian unrest has unfolded in the past couple of weeks the protests in kiev began on november twenty first soon after the government said it
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was suspending a major trade deal with the e.u. rallies on the capital's independence square last another week with several thousand demonstrators and police occasionally engaging in scuffles on friday night however security forces ran out of patience and raided the camp using sheer force to disperse the crowd authorities were quick to ban any protests in the city center but this is only serve to encourage the activists the opposition to get data regroup and left the square only to return in the hundreds of thousands to retake the heart of the capital and call for a revolution one of the protesters control the mayor's office try to storm the presidential palace and a demanding he resigns along with the entire government we're keeping an eye on the situation in kiev an r.t. dot com there you can find all the news updates as well as the most striking videos and photos from the protests and writing.
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weary of what they see as the broken promises of britain's ruling factions activists are laying the foundation of a new alternative left unity party its aim is to revive the working class ideals of the labor party which they say now only caters to big business as a sillier finds out whether the time is right for change. this area right here in front of the house of parliament the house of commons a. protest from those who are against the bedroom. or the very high cost of living that's simply unsustainable for many in this country the two thousand and thirteen british social attitudes survey found that about seventy five percent of people here the political system is not working for them so they're just not going to solutions i don't look for another solutions here found in the office of the left unity party hoping that this party will give a voice to those who feel that by the current government we conservatives and stooges. class war on the poorest people in this country and labour's doing nothing
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about britain is different to the rest of europe in most of the european countries have a project to lift people in poverty if that's the best they can do with the economy we can think of it but it has been quoted as saying that with the u.k. and the puppets party have done all the right by creating a party that seriously. they want to do on the left. but if movements like this recent thread of citizens reaching a point where they are looking for the truth of that which they feel simply do not exist within the walls of the. reporting from london. the left unity party will be eager to point out that david cameron has gathered some of britain's richest businessmen. around him for a trip to china after the break report of a visit where the prime minister is going into overdrive to secure beijing's favor
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. plus international inspectors say nothing about the terrible labor conditions of migrant workers building stadiums for the twenty. that . after the break. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through and i heard you again yeah but screaming grenade. go forward base blows and blow them all round his back you're a war. and it was all over all. we know that are called on our
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commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. you're getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends. the afghan president has accused washington of holding back deliveries of fuel and aid amid cause i says the u.s. is trying to pressure him into signing a security deal which would allow american troops to stay in afghanistan after twenty fourteen he's going to take on has the details. washington is very determined to sign the pact by the end of this year in order for u.s.
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troops not to withdraw completely from of ghana stand by the end of twenty fourteen the deal that the u.s. is pushing forward would leave fifteen thousand troops behind when the assembly of afghan elders afghan tribal leaders most recently endorsed the security deal with the u.s. president karzai indicated that he was not in a hurry to sign it and now he accuses the u.s. of quote applying pressure and creating dependency by cutting off fuel supplies to several army and police units the afghan military now heavily relies on the coalition read the u.s. food fuel vehicles logistics and other supplies karzai has hardly been an independent leader after all he oversees power to the us and now he faces the challenge of showing his people that he can stand up for them despite this dependency washington makes it very difficult for him every week or so sometimes more often we hear president karzai demand the u.s. stop killing civilians last week he condemned a u.s.
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drone strike that reportedly killed a toddler he said american forces are not respecting the life and safety of afghan people's houses now the unity of u.s. forces from prosecution is the key part of this deal afghans demand justice and when civilians get killed what they get is apologies sometimes not even that and homemade karzai as well as the majority of afghans are now saying apologies are not enough. still ahead this hour international leaving the promised land for good. for me at least life was like every day going to war. ambitious israelis lined up to head overseas the struggling economy at home pushing them to see money and prospects abroad. still to come but first an uncontrollable first for one narcotic in yemen is threatening to leave the whole nation short of water and the country's capital is almost chewed itself dry already is. explains.
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it's midday in the sun not like clockwork each afternoon these now only fill up with people buying cut oh my god is the essence of nature if we don't chew we're not. banned in many countries both legal and yemen the leaves contain a mild narcotic and almost everyone shoes more than ninety percent of men according to the world health organization at this market countless realities and plenty of customers. so when so this is about five dollars worth of thoughts trailing this substance moving around the national past time somebody will say i'm national a dataset you don't know anything about it but the action comes out of the whole of one of the country as a whole but most of is it ok for the idea to logically yemen has no shortage of problems but
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a shortage of water could make some not the first world capital to run dry current is one of the main culprits. yemen is chewing itself to death but the country has limited water resources ninety three percent of the extract of water goes to agriculture and that's mostly to grow pot amid the rugged landscape on the outskirts of the capital got trees as far as the eye can see they can be harvested all year round and the farmers here say they earn more cash from drugs than food it takes an incredible amount of water to irrigate these got fields the more you pump in the faster these trees grow but even here it's taking its toll of the thirty wells that serve in this village ten have already gone dry and two more are on the verge. in some no the consequences are already visible those who can afford it buy their water from these trucks the rest struggle to get by however they can there are public taps but. the water is often
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dirty and shortages are common the city's groundwater could be depleted in less than a decade but for the poorest residents it's as good as gone should be talking about . what went on this has actually run out of water it's a matter of definitions now. and that's not the. country we have the most serious what's the problem in the world. it's a race against time and one that yemen is losing but here the evenings belong to cart men gathered together to talk smoke and chew their chosen a scapes for a country that has precious few of them and for now escaping the water crisis will simply have to wait another day. r t sanaa yemen. on a website of the moment the all seeing eyes of australia freshly just a fully signed up member of the. global spy network was keeping its own citizens on
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the close watch of. the detail. and also the vision section you can always find startling pictures including those from greece's far right protest in. qatar has reportedly done nothing about the horrendous conditions migrant workers are forced to toil under despite global outrage a team from the international trade union confederation visited the country which is set to host the twenty twenty two football world cup and described how they were shocked by tales of tara do you see as general secretary sharon borrow has told me just how bad the situation is. is a modern day slave states workers. encouraged to go there they're invited in to come and work to help build this incredibly wealthy guitar they arrive to find the contractor torn now. how the wages they were promised we
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met with workers who of course so did all they haven't been paid for some seven months and when they actually being the workers the employer for money for themselves or their families back home they'll take out these wall or give them you know a few dollars this is just unacceptable and of course then at the end of the contract or if they are under abuse or they can't work anymore for this employer trapped in the country because you need the same person who wants you the employer to actually sign your exit and give back your passport here or to me to deny lambert appears that human rights concerns of taking a back seat for david cameron who is working to secure investment from china the british prime minister is on a state visit there with more than one hundred businessmen in tokyo and they are desperate for beijing's favor they have a camera lavish praise on china stressing at every turn the britain was its best friend in europe pm even promised to personally champion beijing's interests in
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europe but off to china pledge millions to buy a share in the u.k.'s nuclear industry europeans there were more guarded fearing that unrestricted trade would give china just too much power european parliament member going forward questions david cameron's motives. it's clearly a very big and important power and increasingly important if you want any country in the world to see tried as an opportunity. if it cameron is saying that there should be an e.u. china free trade agreement many of us would agree with that at least in principle but actually less than ten days ago there was an e.u. china summit one this was very firmly ruled out. trade competencies. at the moment tarred with the european union the assumption nothing david cameron can do or unless he's actually saying to china that we're certain to leave. young israelis are streaming out of their home country to start
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a life in greener economic pastures and as paulus lire ports this is ratcheting up the tension between those you stay there you go. their ancestors may have called it the promised land but more and more young israelis are seeking their fortunes far from its golden shores a former israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin once branded those who immigrated from israel cowards but these days most of the people who are leaving are young educated smart and successful many don't come back there's a word in hebrew for those israelis who believe your dream which means the same thing until recently it was attributed to misfits lower class and people who can find their place in society but a loner is a straight a pupil she want to scholarship to study at the american university in washington d.c. the fact that that's the only jewish country plays a certain role but it's not something that should limit ourselves. but the debate was read knighted after two of this year's nobel prize winners in chemistry were
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israelis who left for the states an embarrassing reminder of the extent to which local talent has fled very bible has a computer technician who sitting up his own business in the german capital. for me at least life was like every day going to war your always fight with your customers and fight with your clients i had my own business there and it was always a struggle and your life is more calm you can relax you can sit quiet you can sleep. like very many israelis land up here which is why the country's finance minister recently funded from his facebook page that he's a little impatient with people who are willing to throw the only country the jews have into the trash because burnin is more convenient actually it pissed me off to read this comment on why if i stay there it's because it's good for me financially it's good for me socially but bottom line it's still economics for many the most
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common complaint among those israelis living abroad is that back home salaries are low and prices high and it's almost impossible to make ends meet. it's sick left israel two years ago with his ecuadorian wife after giving israel a try he decided to leave for her country if israel was in such a complicated economically. i wouldn't have left. tens of thousands of israelis live today abroad to israel's founding fathers it's a sad lament good bye to the beloved country. tel aviv. more news coming your way in just over half an hour with me in the team in the meantime all the news from the world of sport after the break.
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ukraine is in a tough spot right now trying to figure out whether to join the e.u. or the arrangements custom union it would be nice if they would you know maybe allow the populace to vote for their future via referendum but sadly it looks like the politicians will be making a historic decision i can see why some people want to look west and some people want to look east but i don't understand why so-called ukrainian nationalists want so desperately to join the e.u. first off any nationalist groups in the e.u. are automatically demonised as right wing extremists and in the politically correct west patriotism is pretty much a dirty word generally nationalist like their culture and the people who are part of it but if you look at migration trends within the e.u. we see that the slavic part of it is flooding western europe looking for work i have many relatives from the slavic part of the e.u. and almost all of them have to work abroad and might sound nice to be able to work in europe but the reality is that ukrainians will probably be paid even less than bulgarians rumanians to clean toilets in london ukrainian nationalists don't have to like russia or join the customs union or join any bloc of countries but
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advocating a future for themselves the e.u. seems absolutely backwards at least to me but fascists my opinion. with. its technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future are covered. hello welcome to the r t sports show i'm kate partridge and coming up is twenty six action packed minutes of sports both russian and global and he is the pick of the bunch. record breakers trouble winners pioneer and accept new markets in europe and the bundesliga has the german giants win again at cisco moscow and at home.
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plus old clothes new friends to a boxing legends are reunited in moscow five years often make a lot of value a defeated evander holyfield the last win of his career. and maiden milestone as such he wants one hundred days to go until russia's first at the paralympics tickets go on sale for both and because that means. football first there and the need to have boosted their chances of reaching the champions league playoffs often own goal saw them draw a one one time track at eco madrid but russian champions suffered a straight one defeat to holders by in munich and constantine but top off takes a closer look at the record breaking german side. byron mannix fairy tale began last season when they claimed the unique travel of german league and cup success as well as their champions league triumph and their fans want to carry on
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living happily ever after the bavarian side's dominance shows little sign of ending . they'd be truck bottom line craft braunschweig to me where they are leon sarina on the back of a three one win over it says guyon snow in moscow setting a new champions league record of sand straight week to race the last team to defend the european title war ac milan in one thousand nine hundred ninety and one coach bob what do all i says it's not easy to repeat that feed you. get eight years years ago all in the champions league in that time it was shorter it's less as a spill. games today's small more difficult because they are. unbelievable teams around europe and it's not just you want to try the rooting win over braunschweig extended their record on beaten streak in the boom this league to thirty nine consecutive matches and fall down from a three nil battering off arch rivals and lost.


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